Enhanced Tableau Capabilities

Enhanced Tableau Capabilities

Nabler dataviz team is complemented by our in house engineers and data scientists who are proficient in data preparation, APIs, and tools like R. This synergy helps us integrate Tableau with enhanced analytics requirements from our clients. We have made several custom visualization solutions for our clients who belong to various industries.

Some of our capabilities are:

  • Tableau Dashboards directly interacting with R Servers to do on the fly advanced analytics
  • Tableau Alerts
  • Integrating interactive Tableau Dashboards into your web application using Tableau API’s
  • Data preparation using wide range of solutions including big data solutions for your Tableau dashboards.

Why Nabler for Advanced Analytics using Tableau?

Strong Engineering Team

Nabler dataviz team is backed with a strong engineering team who is capable of managing any incoming complex datasets using APIs, ETLs etc.

Robust Analytics Expertise

As we are The Digital Analytics Company, our focus has always been analytics and data. Our expertise of analyzing data is one of our strengths.

Data Scientist Support

Another salient feature of our dataviz capabilities is ability to bring in our in house data scientists for projects where collaboration with statistical tools are required.

Customized Solutions

Our team is a bunch of specialists in developing customized solutions as per client’s requirements which includes Tableau alerts and many more.

Ready for advanced analytics using Tableau