Tableau Dashboards

Tableau Dashboards

The exponential growth of data created need for new technology to understand the data beyond tables and simple charts. The new breed of visualization made data discovery more easy and accurate. It’s always better when visualizations are left free and free to create any type views to make the story telling simple. It can be a simple pie chart to a complicated sun burst chart. Sometimes a very much static score card kind of report makes more sense than a dashboard which has too many widgets. But what to select, a static score card or a dashboard? The selection needs to be perfect and make the difference. Most of the cases it’s the right visual which articulate well than a set of data.


Storyboarding is a way to express the story of how the data discovery was done to arrive at a certain answer for any given business questions. Identifying the audience is the first important step for storyboarding, then we identify what business questions is relevant to them, and finally Dashboards are built for answering those specific questions.

Tableau dashboards are perfect for:

  • Sales Data
  • Marketing Data
  • Finance Data
  • Business Metrics Data
  • Supply Chain Data
  • Survey Data

And much more…


Why Tableau Dashboards?

Best Data Representations

Tableau dashboards takes representation of your datasets to next level which your excel dashboards cannot achieve. This helps in analyzing the data better and effective.

Better & Deeper Insights

Tableau dashboards can generate better and meaningful insights from your datasets which will be beneficial for your strategy building.

Interactions with data

One of the best features of Tableau dashboards is the possibility of interactivity with the datasets. This helps you to perform drill downs and customizing the outputs to your choice.

Better Business Decisions

Better data visualizations using Tableau can throw light on trends and insights which will be crucial for your better decision making.

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