Tableau Licensing

When a company decides to go for Tableau, one of the first questions asked is “what will be the cost of running tableau for one year?”

To break it down in simple terms, the yearly cost for running Tableau can be split into two main parts;

  • Cost of Tableau Licenses/year
  • Operating cost of Tableau Engineers/architects etc.

Operating costs of your Tableau Team:

Having a great in-house Tableau team is an asset. But finding the right skill sets at the right costs often becomes an obstacle to great visualizations.

Some of the people you would require on your tableau team are:

  • Tableau Architect
  • Visualization experts
  • Tableau Consultants
  • Tableau Engineers

Each one of these resources would be required to do a specific task to ensure that Tableau is performing to its peak capacity.

Cost of Tableau Licenses /Year

To see a quick look at the available Tableau Products, the functions they perform and the associated License fee, please have a look at the illustration here.


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Why Nabler for Licensing?

Alliance Partner

As a Tableau alliance partner, Nabler dataviz team can help you get the maximum value from your data visualization efforts and derive better business decisions.

Vast experience of Tableau

Nabler dataviz comprises of analysts who are proficient with various versions of Tableau and its capabilities. They have worked with complex datasets and has helped many clients achieve their desired results.

Demo License Benefits

As an alliance partner, our team will have access to demo licenses which will be utilized for development of data visualization outputs for your team prior to your purchase of Tableau. This will help you understand the benefits better.

Data Viz Support

Nabler dataviz team is available for you whenever there’s a need and they act as consultants who help you with the challenges you face when you start with your data visualization efforts.

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